ODEBRECHT: Seven years on - up to the people

Ricardo Martinelli

927Views 0Comments Posted 11/09/2022


On Monday, September 12, seven years after then comptroller  Alvin Weeden filed the first complaint for Odebrecht bribes, the preliminary hearing will begin writes Monica Palm in La Prensa. The case is so long that the construction company is not even called that anymore, while another imputed company has already attracted the attention of even the FBI.

On the other hand, some involved are not in Panama or are sentenced to another country. The most conspicuous of the defendants have introduced an encyclopedia of medical excuses, which only lacks a pregnancy test. Many things have happened and nothing has happened. But there is a relevant novelty: tomorrow's hearing is going to happen with or without a walker, with lawyers from the dream team, or with public defenders, but it is going to happen.

Of course, human creativity is infinite and that does not mean that other things cannot "happen" yet. The minions are already calling for street protests starting Tuesday. But it seems that this judge does not like the idea of ​​being teased in front of the entire country. Is this the moment that a former president was referring to when he said "now it's up to the people"?


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