Mediocrity and servilty rewarded

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In the midst of a crisis that continues due to consistent technical incompetence in handling the pandemic, the government gear continues to run over the country's economy. With figures that reveal unprecedented economic conditions, unemployment, and with the collapse of income, members of the National Police receive promotions that suppose the annual disbursement of tens of millions of dollars more in salaries for a questioned institution, whose effectiveness is far from being satisfactory. The raises are done automatically, an anachronism that, under the circumstances, is utter nonsense. 

Promotions should be based on a system of merit, expertise, aptitude tests, etc. But in Panama, the salary increase is hilariously automatic. And just like the cops, there are many more officials in the same comfortable situation. This is a prize for mediocrity and servility because a role says that it is mandatory to do so, regardless of whether there are conditions or not to occupy the position. The situation now worsens, because the money will not be enough and it will be necessary to borrow to pay those salaries. The word that best defines such self-confidence is none other than stupidity. LA PRENSA, Jan. 3.            

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Oh ya

Just like the rest of the world so nothing new. For example the US has to borrow 10 million to send to Pakistan so they can do gender studies where the US should just send them 1 million idiots with gender studies degrees from US universities. Save money and remove useless eaters of US soil

23 days ago
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