Luxury cars before nurses

Nurses have been forced to declare a work sroppage

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For now, Panama appears to have Covid-19 cases under control. As part of its strategy, it is developing a vaccination campaign that has already exceeded 10% of the total population of the country. That puts us in a privileged position compared to other nations, where the process has begun but is not going at the same pace. This campaign is unfolding in relative order and people are cooperating to make the process effective. The nurses in charge of the campaign, as well as those assigned to public hospitals, are doing a commendable job. But despite this, they constantly protest because the government does not meet its payments on time. It is a shame that there is money to pay for luxury and rental cars and not to pay for the shifts of these personnel, who were exposing their lives during the time that preceded the arrival of vaccines. Hopefully this vaccination process can accompany the measures that allow the national economy to also take off, as they have been very hard months. And although the figures show growth that by 2021 will be close to 10%, there is still more to reach the growth of previous years. The success of this campaign will mean getting out of the pandemic and recovering our life and economy.- LA PRENSA, Apl 28

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I don't think Panuela read the same article, Oh ya!

2 weeks ago
Oh ya

Panuela i think you missed the point of the article LOL

2 weeks ago

The right to entitlement people moving here have. Running water and electricity are not guaranteed here so don't piss and moan when you go 3-4 days without either. Leave your entitlement mindset behind you.

15 days ago
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