Lawyers playing for time

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The hearing of one of the high profile cases, and definitely emblematic in terms of the payment of multiple and millionaire bribes - confessed by the very companies that paid them - was postponed yesterday to August. There is nothing new in it. It has become customary for lawyers or defendants not to appear at the hearings. And so the little game will continue until the defense teams demand the prescription of the cases. These behaviors should be inadmissible and severely punished, as they constitute an abuse of the system and a mockery of authority and citizens. Judges are excessively tolerant of this lively game of lawyers, despite the fact that they are, in fact, auxiliaries of justice. The regrettable thing is that we are in the presence of the prelude to the Odebrecht case. It is the law at the service of organized political crime, which takes advantage of every legal loophole to sneak excuses, subterfuges and irrelevant and irrelevant legal resources, but with the crucial objective of lengthening the processes until the statute of limitations. The defendants have no interest in clearing their name, they seek to avoid jail by delaying their cases. And in many occasions, the mockery is consented by judges and magistrates, when the sensible thing is to punish it. – LA PRENSA, Apl. 20

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