Hidden costs of beach pipe dream

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The initiative to condition an artificial beach in the coastal strip advances. The Municipality of Panama is about to award the contract to prepare the category 3 environmental impact study, which would identify the ecological risks of the project and its mitigation measures. According to the declarations of the capital's mayor, the work would cost citizens about $120 million. To undertake an initiative of this scale, the economic feasibility of the project must be studied, and perhaps even a simple exercise of prioritization of municipal expenditure, to determine whether an artificial beach is more suitable than multiple kindergartens, community cultural centers or sports facilities in the most vulnerable areas of the capital district. There are more pressing needs in the city, that could be solved with a fraction of the cost of this pharaonic project. In addition, it would be good to know if the mayor has taken into account the cost of maintaining that beach, since they are usually very vulnerable to erosion, rain and, of course, climate change. A bit of unbiased analysis can avoid a great waste – LA PRENSA, Nov 4, 2019

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you are not going to increase tourism one percent just because Panama City. has a beach, there are beaches all over the country now. But what it will do IS DESTROY IT. How? GLAD YOU ASKED. so what 3 million people live in the city? and where does all that sewer go? outside of in the streets every time it rains. it is pumped out into the ocean. which then is returned to the bay. that is one reason is stinks at low tide. but your plan is to pump billion tons of clean sand out there. and once the sewer builds up in that sand the sand will become toxic, and you will get a little something called flesh eating bacteria all over it, and anyone with a tiny cut, or sore, can get it, many have had legs and arms cut off to try to save their lives. now let that hit Panama City new beach and watch how fast that news travels around the world. you just killed it. they won't say ONLY ON THE CITY BEACH, NOPE IT WILL BE PANAMA'S BEACHES HAVE HIGH LEVELS OF F.E.B. ON THEM AVOID THEM AT ALL COST. TOURIST DEAD. all because you had to have another beach at a 120 million dollar price tag. I just came back from the city, bumper to bumper traffic at all times, hot, stinks, there were piles of rotten trash on many roads, trashy looking hoods all over, poor roads, flooding in many areas, each time it rains. projects that were started with a budget of 100's of millions of dollars left half done to rot. millions of dollars spent to fix up sports areas, and I saw the baseball stadium, the one that you see on the left when you go into the city from the new bridge, it looked dirty from the outside. you want to spend that money, spend it on things like that, and make sure every dollar is spent on that. if any of you get time go to a web site theoceancleanup.com on that site they have a world map and they are targeting the top 1000 rivers in our world that are the worse for trash entering the ocean. they produce 80 percent of the plastics flowing into the ocean. out of the top 1000 worse you know how many Panama has? 7. out of those 7 Panama City HAS 5. now these are the top 1000 worse. Panama City has more but with only 111,400 KG OF PLASTIC GOING into the ocean it wasn't enough to be ranked. your worse one does 442,000kg so you really want to change this country? make it better? cleaner? have MORE TOURISM. Then put the money where it should go then. buy 7 of these floating trash collectors and set them up In those rivers. buy more trash trucks, hire more people to work them, hire people to even keep the trash trucks clean. I saw one last week, it wasn't that old at all, it was filthy, all the brake lights and tail lights and reverse lights top units and bottom units did not work. not one. whats it take to keep them up? a truck wash bay, a few workers to put in new bulbs or fix a wiring problem. this ties in with a lot. new trucks and people working to clean the city, will allow the people who live there, a cleaner world, it will keep them from having to pile trash in huge piles all over the place or even keep them from throwing their trash into the rivers to start with. but no lets spend 120 million dollars on another beach.

6 months ago

I usually tend to agree with La Prensa’s well thought out editorials. Calling the project a pipe dream seems to be without merit. A bold initiative such as this beachfront could attract thousands of more visitors, filling nearby hotels, providing jobs and increasing city revenues. Those loving the beach life, could turn into residents. Such a radical transformation could permanently changed the face of Panama City and Balboa Bay. Such a beach may become a symbol of Panama City’s status as a major tourist destination – a cosmopolitan culture capital and sunny beach town. Sure, there will be erosion and maintenance costs, but surely the increase in tourism revenues could be used for such purposes. To take the position that the municipality, in proposing the mega city project, is putting education, community centers and sports arenas in the rear view mirror just isn’t right. Major projects and community projects need not be at odds within the budget. How do such projects ever get done if you are forced to choose one over the other. La Prensa, you are better than this.

7 months ago

This has nothing to do with Kindergarten and so fort. It's a natioanl prestige issues and has to be done immediately despite of costs. The beach is a must. Stop thinking local in small steps.

7 months ago
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