Government  owes millions to drug-crime prevention program

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The Government owes part of the money from the confiscation of assets to drug trafficking to the National Commission for the Study and Prevention of Drug-Related Crimes (Conapred). There are about $11 million, corresponding to the periods 2018-2019 and 2019-2021. And it’s not the only one they owe money to. It is as if during the pandemic state money – both from taxes and from loans and even income like these – had gone down the drain, leaving only a trail of debt and contributions that do not appear. They don't even justify why the National Assembly increased the budgets of programs and entities that (what a coincidence!) are used for patronage. Conapred is an organization dedicated to the prevention of drug use. And to be a country in which the use of narcotic drugs has increased remarkably, this organization receives paltry budgets, despite the benefit it could bring to our youth. The Government owes us many explanations about the use of these large budgets, whose high deficits are covered by contracting hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. However, no one demands accounts and no one gives them          LA PRENSA, Nov. 6


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