Government must act against flagrant criminal

NICARAGUA dictator and Ricardo Martinelli.

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RICARDO MARTINELLI, convicted of money laundering, sought refuge in the Nicaraguan Embassy in Panama in the face of imminent capture to serve his 10-year prison sentence. The Nicaraguan government has communicated that it granted him political asylum, despite the fact that his conviction is due to criminal acts that harm the State's assets, and not for political reasons. The National Government, as custodian of this heritage, must firmly oppose allowing this criminal to leave the country to live freely, still having pending accounts with local justice.

Martinelli carefully chose his host: a regime led by an autocrat and his wife. This regime, for unknown reasons, has welcomed him into its territory. He has done the same with numerous politicians fugitives from justice, including drug traffickers and money launderers, as is the case of Martinelli. This act of extreme cowardice demonstrates his willingness to abandon everything to save himself. His objective in seeking the Presidency was always to evade justice, manipulating it in his favor.

It is imperative that the Government acts with determination and does not become an accomplice to the cowardly maneuvers of this flagrant criminal.— LA PRENSA, Feb. 8.