Gang members on political payroll

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Although the government lacks a coherent policy on citizen security, it is a complete shame that the National Assembly summons the Minister of Public Security to explain the reason for the increase in violence. And it is that the Assembly is largely responsible for crime in the country. His initiatives to prevent and suppress organized crime are absolutely non-existent. What is worse, many of the deputies promote legislative actions that seek greater opacity in terms of campaign donations, something that facilitates the penetration of organized crime into politics and government. They have promoted changes in the law that are of open benefit to the perpetrators and little or nothing in favor of the victims; their bills often seek to legalize what were previously crimes; Legislation on judicial processes has turned it into minefields, the sole purpose of which is to annul the investigations of the Public Ministry and gang members who enjoy political protection have been found on its payroll. So, the Assembly, as opposition politicians say, is not a solution, it is an important part of the problem. Let's just remember that,  who made the law, set the trap. - LA PRENSA, Nov. 18.


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George Klk

Panama: The Great Martinelli Godfather Recruits Mafia Style Leadership Revealed!!! Panama National Assembly known facts: 1. Panama former president Martinelli recruits gangs for his political circle. 2. Martinelli places the majority of gang members with the Molirena mafia party. 3. Martinelli pardons and releases 100's of gang members from prisons. 4. Martinelli gangs are on a kidnapping and killing spree at any notice. 5. Martinelli bonus paid police department infiltrated with gang officials. 6. Martinelli prisons facility supplies of gang member heavy artillery weapons. 7. Martinelli recruits Yanibel Abrego for the 2009... Double Dipping for all mayors and governors! 8. Yanibel Abrego prevents criminal allegations of non-Transparent accounts... $100's millions. 9. United States financially supports infiltrated police department of gang members. 10. Panama president Cortizo... Three (3) unconstitutional advisors... I can do whatever I want... Cortizo's untouchables. 11. Cortizo happily visits Venezuela's president / dictator... Maduro. Maduro the bus driver kills 9000 protesters! 12. Martinelli is acquitted of... ALL... charges and running for re-election. Panama Canal Expansion will be fully paid for during Martinelli presidential reign. Panama Canal Expansion will be in the hands of the... LOCO MARTINELLI!!! Panama National Assembly supports... Martinelli and his mafia gang leadership of Panama!!! A new Panama - Venezuela!!!

19 days ago
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