Double shifts for lawmakers a foolish fantasy

406Views 0Comments Posted 15/09/2022


The deputies insist, with the exception of those of the independent bench, on approving a bill that intends that some popularly elected officials who have other positions in the Government can receive a double salary, as long as the hours are adapted so that they can work double shift every day.

This is nothing but a foolish fallacy, because we know that they will do no such thing. If they don't work a full day now, they won't do it with two. Consequently, this bill only seeks to circumvent a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice that prohibits these double salary payments. But the factions and political differences end where the robbery and scoundrels have to be sponsored. Both the government and the opposition do it to ingratiate themselves with the people. In the end, It is the one that helps them seek votes in the bases of their political parties, perpetuating populism and ll of us, since it is from our taxes that these officials get the money to pay for favors, political campaigns. and vote buying. That is why, regardless of the side, political parties are increasingly repudiated – LA PRENSA, Sep. 15.



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