Coronavirus  sparks ignorance and xenophobia

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The coronavirus has awakened the forces of ignorance and xenophobia. A worrying health situation that originated in China, is being confronted with the best tools of medicine, public health, and science. Very serious authorities and experts have denied again and again falsehoods distributed by social networks. 

Panama has taken responsible actions towards its population and there is permanent monitoring by the public health system of our country. Simple personal hygiene measures, such as washing your hands frequently and sneezing with your mouth covered, can help reduce the risk of contagion from any disease. Citizens should seek their information from reliable sources and means. We cannot let panic and manipulation take control of communication on this subject. In the recent past, Panama has successfully faced epidemics and health threats. At this time, what must prevail is wisdom. This is not a racial or national problem. It is a situation that could arise anywhere in the world. Let's not lose sight of the fact that coronavirus is a health risk that science already knows how to fight. - LA PRENSA, Feb.4



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