A Sickly Thirst for Power

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President Cortizo is right. Part of the constitutional reforms introduced by the deputies lack legitimacy and were never intended to benefit the national group. They are the product of the sickly thirst for power of deputies who very well know that they would be rejected in a referendum.

 Hence, the President thinks that there is a conspiracy so that, with popular rejection, the current one remains - that is, our old Constitution -thus giving up the already worn illusion of updating it. There is no doubt that there are interests - especially among PRD members - that advocate keeping things as they are. After all, they have worked great for politicians ... so far. Letting go of what has worked for them so well is not in their plans unless their nonsense is approved by society to sign up more power, privileges and impunity. Citizens must keep in mind that those changes introduced in the constitutional text will remain only if we allow it.

It is time for politicians to understand that they are servants of a people who chose them, but not to do whatever they want. They are there with our votes, paid with our taxes. They are obliged to obey the mandate of their electors – LA PRENSA, Nov. 3.


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George Klk

Panama | National Assembly and their Political Interests Greed, power and security must come from money. Money is a complicated game of connections and promises. Promises not necessarily for the people of Panama but... promises of brown envelops and suitcases for their political future. Lawyers, legislatures and deputies all have an agenda to fit their goals. Give a little to the people and rake in the dough (money) to set personal priorities. Personal priorities affords payments of substitutes for the absence of the plenary. Freedom to return with boasts of important political work...cash hoarding operations. $300 thousand is the limit they can comfortably work with per operation. Briberies and contracts...mums the word and silence is an understandable agreement. Wealth is the admiration of their peers. Wealth is the knowledge and power to move foreword. Wealth is the justification for their actions.

7 months ago
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