A revitalization boondoggle

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The “revitalization” of  Via Argentina is one of the emblematic projects of the outgoing administration of the Municipality of Panama. The initiative, which must conclude at the latest by the beginning of the year 2020, constitutes an important intervention in an area heavily affected by disorderly urban growth and the intense circulation of automobile traffic. For some of the residents of the area, the project represented a severe impact on their economic activities, damaging their profitability: at least two of these establishments have already sued the municipality in the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court, demanding the corresponding repair of damages. Thus, an initiative that should have become a step towards new urbanism, has been the cause of conflicts and is blamed for the flooding in the streets near the intervened area. Perhaps if the authorities had spent a little more time consulting and informing residents and businesses located on the  road, another there would have been another result. Because of the winds that blow, it is possible that other demands are added to these. Despite this, it is necessary to make the necessary corrections and assimilate the lessons learned to continue transforming and recovering public spaces in the city of Panama. What happened on the Via  Argentina  must be an example of what cannot be repeated.  – LA PRENSA, May 8

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When doing construction you always have to plan ahead for heavy rain because water runs downhill because of gravity. Having lived in Panama for 10 years one of the problems is the garbage that accumulates in the water drainage system which acts as a damn and cause the water to back up. This problem has not be corrected since I lived here.

11 months ago
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