A clear message from a former president

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In not pretending to favor or disqualify his aspirations, former President Martín Torrijos –in the speech released yesterday to announce his presidential candidacy– leaves us several phrases that are an invitation to reflection. He has recognized many evils of the government management and of his own party, the PRD. He admits that the country is in crisis and that the solution cannot come from the origin of the problem: the politicians, among whom are, precisely, those of the PRD itself. The crisis can be resolved if there is commitment, but with the participation of society, since all of us –except the politicians who enjoy power– suffer from insecurity; Corruption corrodes the institutions and has created castes of officials who steal with full hands, while clientelism guarantees this perverse regime, buying votes –thus delegitimizing the elections– and subduing wills at the point of money. The leadership of the PRD promotes the corruption of a society that for years has been learning to repeat "what's up for me." That is why they kidnapped the PRD and seized power. Torrijos shows the rottenness of his party by announcing that he will seek the presidency of the Republic away from the PRD since he himself admits that even its internal elections are a mockery. You can say higher, but not clearer. – LA PRENSA, Mar. 8.

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