Weather alert with 90km wind gusts

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WINDS gusting from 60  to 90 Km an hour will be felt in Panama for the rest of the week says Panama’s  / Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) in a warning notice issued on Monday, January 6 .

Director Carlos A. Rumbo said that the National Emergency Operations Center issued the alert throughout the country due to the increase in winds and warning of high waves starting at 5:00 am from this Monday, January 6 until 11:59 pm on Friday, January 10.

The increase of waves is for the Caribbean coast, from the Guna Yala region to Bocas del Toro.

Sinaproc called for light boats to maximize safety measures and warns bathers not to enter the sea if they see strong. wave and alert  residents to check  that roofs are well secured

Windows and  doors should be closed and secured  and pots or any object that may fall and cause accidents should be removed

On the street or in the countryside, people should stay away from walls or trees that can be detached, keep and eye on any street furniture, cranes or elements that can fall or be blown away by the wind.

In the sea, stay away from the beach, breakwaters or low places that may be affected by high tides and waves, do not take marine walks, avoid sailing and check the moorings of boats.

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Thank you for the article. It would be nice to also know why the winds are becoming excessively high during this time period. Is the a specific weather system causing this phenomena or something else. I appreciate you making this information available.

4 months ago
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