Trump adviser  meets Panama’s old and new guard

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Trump adviser  meets Panama’s old and new guard

Mauricio Claver-Carone an adviser to  Donald Trump and director of the  US National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, was in Panama on Wednesday, ay 15  to hold a meeting with incoming and outgoing government leaders reports the US embassy.

At the meeting they spoke "about priorities of the bilateral relationship in economic, political and security matters, as well as expressing the interest of the United States in continuing the close collaboration between both countries from the day of the inauguration."

Claver-Carone took advantage of his tour to talk with members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Panama to "discuss a coordinated approach regarding the situation in Venezuela."

"The ambassador of Venezuela in Panama, Fabiola Zavarce, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luis Miguel Hincapié, and  as well as the ambassadors of Chile, Colombia and Peru in Panama, discussed options to remedy the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela," said a US Embassy statement

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