Serial check bouncing deputy to face Supreme Court

Alfredo Perez

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 The  Supreme Court admitted an embezzlement  lawsuit filed against  Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD ) Alfredo Fello Pérez

The complaint was  filed in October 2018 by lawyer Marcial Buitrago , on behalf of the company Bamos Adelante SA, who reported receiving a check without funds drawn by the deputy. It  is one of a string  of similarallegations  cases faced by Perez

The plenary of the Court admitted the denunciation with a report from the magistrate  Ángela Russo and ordered the beginning of the investigation. Russo will serve as prosecutor and Jerónimo Mejía, will be the  judge of guarantees.

According to the complaint, the c Bamos Adelante  company SA completed a commercial operation of 80,000 for t the deputy and, as part payment,with a check of $26,000  which,  had no funds.

This company filed a second complaint against Pérez - in October 2018 - after he made a payment of $2,000 with a check that was also NSF.

This second legal action has not yet been admitted by the Court .

Meanwhile, Judge Olmedo Arrocha is in charge - as prosecutor - of a third case against Pérez, brought in April 2018 for the alleged commission of crimes against the economic order (embezzlement).

The complaint, already admitted by the Court, shows that Pérez had made a payment of $5,000  to the company JVU International, SA with a check without sufficient funds.

JVU International,  was hired by the deputy for the preparation and installation of playgrounds, benches and exercise  machines in Chepo  and Las Margaritas.

On the other hand, the Court has a fourth case against Pérez, although for the alleged commission of environmental crimes in the form of wood trafficking and customs fraud.

The origin of this process, also in the hands of Judge Arrocha, were two complaints sent to the highest court by the Public Prosecutor's Office in 2016, which were later admitted and accumulated.




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