President confirms politicians’ narco- trafficking gang links

Juan Carlos Varela

792Views 0Comments Posted 14/04/2019

President, Juan Carlos Varela confirmed on Saturday, April 13  that the recently arrested narco-trafficking bosses have links to politicians is, but declined to give names, saying that was the job of the public prosecutor’s office (MP).

The capos are now detained in the El Coco maximum detention center on an island in the Pacific referred to as Varela said Panama’s Alcatraz  the latest arrests of people linked to drug trafficking have caused a change in the province of Colon, although there are politicians close to the gangs and who  seek their support regardless of the consequences reports Mi Diario.

 he reiterated that he will not give names and that has to be the Public Prosecutor.

He stressed that in Colón there is a rate of 26 homicides per 100,000   inhabitants because it is from this province that drugs  are shipped to Europe

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