OPINION: Treacherous lawmakers hide behind virus crisis

749Views 0Comments Posted 25/03/2020

PANAMA  Is shaken by the biggest health crisis in its history. This is a time for key decisions, responsible political management and, above all, a lot of transparency. In the midst of national concern for the Covid-19, the deputies of the majority bench have taken advantage of the situation to do acts that conflict with political decency.

 In these sensitive and delicate hours, bill 239, which modifies the Judicial Career, has advanced. The Supreme Court was informed that the project was under discussion on March 17, without consulting or taking them into account.

The Judicial Branch has been clear and emphatic in the response it has given to the Legislature: what is being approved in the Assembly undoes and contradicts a long-standing effort in favor of a justice career. It is obvious that most Panamanians care more about attending to the great problems caused by the health crisis. The deputies know this and because of that disgrace that characterizes them they act treacherously. This absence of gallantry and lack of respect towards Panamanians and our weak institutions is truly unforgivable. – LA PRENSA, Mar .25

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