One dead 7 injured in killer bee attack

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A swarm of African killer bees left one person dead and seven injured, in the Las Balsas, district of Río de Jesús, in Veraguas on Sunday. March 3.

Firefighters arrived took moved a minor, who was among those affected, to a nearby medical center; while the rest of the injured were taken in private vehicles.

This was the second victim in Panama for the attack of this type of bee in Panama. The was first in Chiriqui. Attacks by the bees are one of the most frequent emergencies attended by personnel of the Panama Fire Department, reports TVN.

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hives of these bees, owned by Citrico, were situated near our home which is surrounded by orange trees. we have been attacked and forced to evacuate with the cat, the dog, and the horse, on multiple occasions. the bees are closer than the legal limit allows. we have complained to the corregiduria, who said she'll require the owners to move the bees, but that was over 2 years ago and nothing has been done. if the legal system does not require the owners of bees to manage them within the law, then there need to be criminal charges brought against the negligent law enforcers and the owners of bees who attack and kill those of us who live nearby. they are, after all, the responsible parties. we know "Attacks by the bees are one of the most frequent emergencies", yet all we do is whine about it, while not bothering to enforce the law that would help prevent the attacks.

6 months ago
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