No escape for errant drivers after Oct. 11

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From October 11, the Transit and Land Transportation Authority (ATTT) will begin the application of traffic fines with a new digital device that will allow the registration of infractions online.

In total, 1,500 ticket booths will be operated by ATTT inspectors and agents of the National Directorate of Traffic Operations (DNOT) of the National Police, with the aim of “eliminating human error”.

"By scanning the control number or identity card of the offender, there will be access to a wide range of information from both the driver and the vehicle," the ATTT said in a statement.

The new device has a high-resolution camera that allows the vehicle and the offending driver to be captured, "leaving behind the disputes between the ATTT and users about ghost tickets."

The institution explained that the registration of the fine will be instantaneous in the database; Both the effective management of the inspectors on the street, as well as that of the personnel in charge of registering and collecting the ballots, will be supervised, avoiding “irregularities in the process”.



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Who recalls the "pele" police system, Lucrative for the system providers, Here we go again, driving up the cost of propinas.

1 month ago
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