Murder cover-up charges against priest dismissed

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Charges of a cover-up by Catholic priest David Cosca, related to a murder in a room he had rented un the El-Panama Hotel were dismissed on  Tuesday, December 3,  after Prosecutor Dayra Botello explained that, following r a series of investigations, the dismissal in favor of David Cosca was presented at the hearing.

In the act it was widely supported not to accuse but objectively dismiss the case and not go to trial, said Botello.

Earlier reports had said that Cosca’s cell phone  a key item in the investigation had disappeared

"I was dismissed, I have nothing to do," said Cosca, after learning about the decision taken by the judge of guarantees Oris Medina, during the intermediate phase hearing.

The facts under which the 71-year-old priest was being investigated are related to the murder of Eduardo Calderón, on July 7, 2018, in a room that Cosca had rented at the El Panama hotel, for which Hidadi Saavedra has already been sentenced, to 20 years in prison.

Cosca said he has never done anything against anyone. "God and the truth overcame," he added.

 “I was never unfaithful to the Panamanian people or to God,” continued Cosca, who said he now returns to the church with more humility.

“About the canonical process, I don't know. I am happy with this today, with everything else they do what they want, ”said Cosca, separated for a year and a half from the Catholic Church.

Earlier, upon arrival at the intermediate audience, Cosca said that there has been a lot of slander in the media, but he made it clear he would not file lawsuits.. "I forgive you and pray for all," he added.


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Big C

More proof that the Catholics rule in Panama. This is a part of the world where you can molest young boys or if you are not a homo [which isn't likely] and get away with it and go to one of your buddies [a fellow priest] and get absolution or be involved in a murder cover-up and get away with it. WAIT A MINUTE - There is something wrong with this picture or is it Catholics rule, NOT the government? People sit back and tolerate this behavior and expect this country to get ahead - get your head out of the sand and change this behavior because the ship is sinking fast and the POPE will just shrug and say bless the Panamanians and go about living in the lap of luxury. As for Cosca - cut off his balls and show him who is in control.

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