Moves underway for extradition of Martinelli’s former-secretary

Chichi de Obarrio and his wife fled Panama.

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Fugitive Adolfo Chichi De Obarrio, former personal secretary of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli is not yet off the hook as Judge  Lorena Martínez Hernández, head of the Second Liquidator Court, begins the process of notifying interested parties of the request for extradition made by the Public Ministry for alleged embezzlement and fraud in purchasing and distributing backpacks – for  $12 million–, through the defunct National Aid Program (PAN).

As part of the process, on July 10, 2018, the then fifteenth criminal judge, Leslie Loaiza opened a criminal case against De Obarrio and Abraham Williams, who served as assistant to Rafael Guardia Jaén, former head of the PAN.

At that time, both were fugitives and, Loaiza ordered the security forces to arrest them. In the case of De Obarrio, he asked Interpol to issue a red alert for his capture.

Loaiza also validated a collaboration agreement signed by the prosecution with Guardia Jaén, who pointed to De Obarrio as "the person who gave him instructions and who chose which companies should be hired," while Williams "followed up on the documents for the program executions ”.

Once the parties are notified and any objection of them, if any, is resolved, Judge Lorena Martínez Hernández must send the request to the Chancellery so that, , it can carry out the procedure before the Italian authorities.De Obarrio, who is also accused of the alleged commission of the crime of money laundering in the Blue Apple case, is in Italy. He was arrested in that country on April 7 at the request of Panama, but a week later he was released because the extradition treaty between the two countries was not ratified by the National Assembly.

The legal framework on which the delivery of De Obarrio to Panama should be structured is precisely that treaty, signed by authorities of the two countries in 2013, but for it to come into force it had to be ratified by the Legislature.

The Italian Parliament ratified it in 2016. Instead, the Foreign Relations Commission of the Panama Assembly refused to do so. In 2017, that commission endorsed a Judicial Assistance agreement between the two nations, but not the extradition one.

 La  Prensa asked the Foreign Ministry if it will negotiate with the National Assembly for the ratification of the extradition treaty with Italy, but there was no response.


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George Klk

Panama: Non-Cooperation of National Assembly for Extradition Treaty. Panama National Assembly non-transparency will not stop with... extradition. Former president Martinelli created something fundamentally deficient in the government. What that grip on power remains an iron clad secret despite risk of another Panama invasion with a burning city in the annals of repeated historic shame. Panama children's shelter pilfered for every cent by an underground criminal lawyer. Panama's Attorney General legally attacked by Martinelli's lawyer to take her house with her children. Panama National Assembly control of state funds for their gambling horse races and beach houses. A mad man, loco former president Martinelli fled to the U.S. with his loot of $millions / $billions! A mad man, loco strong Italian underground connection and involves the lives of his own sons. Panama National Assembly protects Martinelli with his despicable and shameful acts. Where is the dignity of the Panama National Assembly? Where is the dignity of the Executive Branch of the Presidency Laurentin Nito Cortiz? Where is the dignity of Italy's government to oversee international corruption by their own mafia underground thugs? Panama National Assembly in the minds of Panamanians are wallowing for free money in their pig pens... what a shameful deed beyond dirty money from their own people!

9 days ago
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