Martinelli brothers’ escape plot foiled

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In coordination with United States intelligence agencies, the Guatemalan Ministry of the Interior has frustrated the escape plans of the brothers Luis Enrique and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares who have been held in a Guatemalan military prison since July 6, last year.

The CNN en Español journalist in Guatemala, Michelle Mendoza, was among the first to report on Thursday that the  Guatemala Minister of the Interior, Gendri Reyes, revealed that a search had been carried out at the Mariscal Zavala military prison "to stop a plan to escape” of the dons  of former President Ricardo Martinelli

The news was immediately confirmed by official Guatemalan sources, who were quoted by various local and international media, which gave more details of the story.

However, Marta Linares de Martinelli, mother of the detainees - who frequently visits them in Guatemala - denied the fact and issued a warning on Twitter: “This is totally false… There was a general search throughout the prison, which is usual there. No escape attempt, don't make up news” reports La Prensa.

The CNN  report said,  that the operation at the military base was carried out “based on an intelligence process with international agencies with the United States because there was information that the Martinelli brothers were planning their escape from the prison. ”.


Guatemalan journalistic sources informed La Prensa that, in effect, an alert reached the prison system, which led to the strengthening of surveillance and security measures at the military base where the Martinelli Linares brothers are held awaiting resolution of an extradition request from US prosecutors to face money laundering charges.

The alert of a possible escape was received by the Ministry of the Interior through US intelligence agencies was received on Wednesday and the security of the base was reinforced since that afternoon, with members of the State security, including the Ministry of Defense. confirmed spokesperson Pablo Castillo.


He added that it was “an imminent alert of the escape of the Martinelli Linares brothers. This led to a search at 6 am Thursday through units of the National Civil Police to confirm this information.

As a result of this search in the prison, they found, for example, checks with amounts in quetzals equivalent to more than $5,000 dollars, liquor, cell phones and accessories, Wi-Fi signal repeater, drugs, antennas, weapons, etc.

The escape plan was also denied by Denis Cuesy, a lawyer for the Martinelli Linares, to the journalist Ronny Ríos, from El Periódico de Guatemala.

The alleged escape plan would have been dismantled when little more than a month has passed since a Guatemalan court authorized the extradition to the United States of Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, a decision that is currently on appeal.

According to Castillo, when the search is completed, it will be decided whether the Martinelli Linares remain at the military base or are transferred to another prison.

Meanwhile, a complaint was filed against the director of the prison.

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George Klk

Panama: Martinelli sons in a Panama Prison would have walked free with a pass port. Martinelli as a deputy member of Guatemala Parliament allows many underground connections. Martinelli's pardon of hundreds of prisoners allowed a combination of numerous escapes of underground possibilities. Martinelli's ties with front men, henchmen and the mafia from all professional background leaves many possibilities. Limitations may include their capability to use communication devices with encryption to provide escape plan orders without being monitored and entrapped by U.S. and its allies. United States may know how to get certain high level gang members and others in the underground to cooperate and bust their operations with high number of arrests. Guatemala has certain operatives that work with the U.S. but just needs more information to get at certain individuals at least a later date for the bigger bust. United States knows how certain underground networks operate and where they work from and who they take their orders from. The U.S. has former president Martinelli and president Cortizo on their radar for close monitoring. Monitoring as far as it is legal and critically important to control the transfer of the Panama canals to the operative sleuths for their nationality status of power and control. In this case... Italy's mafia head banker Ferrugia operating on the offshore island of Panama with a pact meeting with former president Martinelli. All have their connections directly and indirectly and Panama president... Cortizo is certainly without doubt an unconstitutional three advisor's operator for the...[untouchables]. Cortizo is certainly and most definitely under the U.S. radar and the Panama canals are of a primary concern, a... [National Security] ... from any nation outside of Panama with a tight reign of espionage information. This includes... [China - Russia - Italy / Ferrugia - Martinelli - Cortizo] with possible proxy wars of possible Panama night bombings at any time! An underground operation is basically a serious foreign matter of large $billion economic importance that once a nation takes a vulnerable project like the Panama Expansion Canals through a form of legitimate political transfer will have dramatic global consequences with consequential political leverage with explosive emotional turmoil over the loss by some... under handed means stemming solely from the very nose of... Panama president Cortizo! Let me just emphasize... Cortizo does not want to get involved in this, it will not look good! This is not the Suez Canal Italy version of a takeover... Mafia disband your operation, forget it!

Last month

It's Latin America the boys just need to pay some low level guards to smuggle them out to a waiting Plane or boat. The Martinelli's have the money to make it happen. If Wild Bill had access to the money he hid in the jungle he would have escaped to Venezuela years ago. Everyone can be bought in Latin America

Last month
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