Judge’s son jailed awaiting  weapons charges

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Cristian Antonio Cedalise,32, the son of Supreme Court judge Cecilio Cedalise is in provisional detention,  on the orders of Judge of Guarantees, Xavier Flores.

On Thursday, December 5,  he was charged with possession and trafficking of weapons and explosives found in his car after having an argument with one of the security agents of a municipal office in Arraiján.

The public defender, Greici Morcillo, requested bail of $5,000, which was denied.

At the hearing, the Prosecutor's Office showed that the 9 mm firearm that the defendant held in his possession had been assembled with parts of other weapons.

Deputy Prosecutor Yatnizel González, , said that other types of proceedings will follow.

Gonzalez revealed that the public defense appealed the judge's decision and said that she will also appeal the defense's request.

The judge of guarantees will analyze the appeal on  Wednesday, December 11.

According to article 333 of the Criminal Code, a person who possesses a firearm without proper authorization will be punished with a penalty of eight to ten years in prison.


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