Immigration hot potato shuts down Assembly

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Heated words between Deputy Zulay Rodríguez and  Minister of Security, Rolando Mirones, led to a five-minute recess of the National Assembly on Friday, October 11.

The exchange of questions and answers for allegations of alleged went from normal to intense when Rodriguez who has been strident in previous debates on immigration questioned Mirones on the immigration issue, to the point that the session had to be temporarily suspended reports La Prensa.

After about five minutes, the plenary was resumed which was declared in permanent session until the participation of Mirones ended. As the session continued, the tone between the two returned to normal.  

Morones, appeared before the plenary session of the National Assembly to answer 15 questions related to criminal activity in the country, the flow of migrants, the checkpoints and the Safe Neighborhoods program. 

Mirones, at the start, said that it is a false premise to say that he has increased crime rates in the country in the first 100 days of his management at the head of the institution.

Based on statistical data, Mirones said they reduced robberies, thefts, and homicides. "There is no exponential increase in anything," he said.

The minister reiterated that the Government has a comprehensive security plan that began to be developed more than two years ago, in a political campaign.


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