Health Ministry studies gyms reooening

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This week and next the Ministry of Health (Minsa) will be evaluating the reopening of gyms in Panama said Health Minister Luis Francisco Sucre on Wednesday, November 28.

He said that the Minsa will publish on its website, in the coming days, the biosecurity protocol for the use of gyms. The minister stressed that the opening date will be established according to the behavior and evolution statistics of the virus.

"We have to take things calmly and we understand very well, the need to open gyms and the fact that exercising is part of health, however we want to ask a little patience," said Sucre.

On  Monday, October 26, a group of gym owners and trainers protested on the Cinta Costera, asking for authorization to reopen, claiming that during these closing months they have recorded economic losses and accumulated debts as a result of the pandemic.



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casual observer

As part of the exercise-loving public I say you don't need fancy equipment or outfits to get a real good work out. Gym owners see an increase in members after the 1st of the year (resolutions) and a dramatic fall off in the spring and summer. Gold's gyms were closing many of their locations permanently way before any virus outbreak. Specious argument at best.

25 days ago

If you follow the “Drake Equation (used to inspire a new model, the Contagion Airborne Transmission (CAT) inequality, to determine whether someone is likely to ‘catch’ COVID-19, according to a newly published study in the scientific journal Physics of Fluids)”you will read that “When exercising in a confined space, the researchers found that the risk of transmission ‘increases by a factor of 200," But, hey, if someone wants to take the risk, personal choice is my suggestion. If the government wants to mitigate, they can insist little plexiglass bubbles surround each piece of gym equipment, sterilization of the enclosed bubble can be easily accomplished with either O3 or UV saturation after each use. How the gym owners are going to be able to afford these efforts remain to be seen. I suspect their profit margin is pretty narrow and savings to have kept up with costs and no income for months on end must be pretty well depleted. But they (the owners) and the exercise-loving public should have a say.

25 days ago
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