“Gringo pedophile"  has US crime sheet

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 A man described by local media as the Boquete  Gringo pedophile in detention charged with rape and abuse of minors   had a previous criminal record in the U.S.

Robert Ryan Friedler who faces eight complaints of sexual abuse against minors has   a long criminal record of this subject in his native country the  United States reports La Critica.

His records include sexual abuse of child mistreatment and violence against his partner and about 12 reports of mistreatment and abuse of animals.AsHe  it was announced that the American, who was detained in the United States, for mistreatment if against his partner  but was granted freedom under conditions,  which  he violated  when sending Facebook messages to his ex-girlfriend, only a few weeks after he was released from state custody, Friedler had previously served two years in prison for beating the woman and abusing a child.

" I think he's a psychopath," said Angela Spaulding, the ex-girlfriend who says she suffered facial fractures, broken ribs and a collapsed lung in Friedler's hands.

Spaulding said that Friedler likes to hurt other people and animals that cannot defend themselves, and she witnessed how he abused and killed his puppy. "Because he was barking, he t kicking him. and he just kept kicking and kicking, until and I think he broke the puppy's back, "Spaulding said.

In the United States was investigated for abuse of animals, opening a training school for dogs without being certified, where there were complaints of abuse of domestic animals, as owners paid thousands of dollars for training and they returned in  returned in   conditions

In the province of Chiriqui, he is charged with for the abuse against some eight children, between 7 and 12 years old, whom he contacted near schools s in the district of Boquete.

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I thought Panamanian Immigration conducted criminal backgrounds on all ex-pats wanting to live in the country. His criminal activity such as his in the US is easily discoverable. Who dropped the ball on this significant background crime. One has to ask how many others have skirted Panama authorities. Maybe its time now to re-check some of these people who escape justice in the USand make it right .

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Divisa Dave

Is this Ponchalos???

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