Four shelter cases opened by Family Prosecutor

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Four processes were initiated by the Family Prosecutor's Office after the inspection of 57 shelters in the country, which 500 interviews were conducted with minors by the Victims and Witnesses Protection Unit of the Public Ministry

Family Prosecutor, Aurelio Vásquez, said that in one of these cases the existence of a minor who was not brought to clinical care in a timely manner has been verified, "that is a negligent treatment that has a typology of crime ”.

In addition, Vásquez explained that two other cases have been due to situations of children who indicated that they have been touched and those shelters where some children could have said that due to their behavior they were repressed through blows.

"If we talk about the family prosecutor's office in these investigations of the 57 shelters, right now we are in an informal phase, that is, we do not have accused persons, but they have the quality of being indicted for the crime of child abuse," said prosecutor Vásquez.

These four processes to which the prosecutor Vásquez refers are apart from other investigations that the Public Ministry is carrying out for other complaints linked to the shelters.

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