COVID-19 death toll at 604 as cases rise to 31,686

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With1,028  new cases of COVID-19 the total number of infections since the pandemic struck Panama in March reached 31,686 on Sunday June 28.

With 17 new deaths, the toll climbed to. 604.

There are 852 people hospitalized, 712 in wards, and 140 in Intensive Care

The Ministry of Health reported that it is making efforts to increase the installed capacity of hospital centers while seeking alternatives to locate new care centers for COVID-19 positive patients.

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Spain the number of weekly infections reached its highest level since June 11. Over the last week, 1,956 people have been infected by the virus, bringing the current total to 248,970. It has now been eight days since Spain began to operate under loosened restrictions. It has allowed European visitors in along with free internal movement. Increasing contagion is expected. KEEPING WATCH THE EU!

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