Caricarturist investigated for tweeting doctored photo of prosecutor

Kenia Porcell

473Views 0Comments Posted 12/06/2019

A tweeter and caricaturist will be investigated for personal psychological injuries to the detriment of Panama’s Attorney General, Kenia Porcell.

 Eduardo Narváez posted on his social network a photo of a Russian model in a bathing suit, who had a resemblance to the head of the Ministry Public.

The investigation of Narváez begins after the First Superior Court granted an appeal  to the Prosecutor General's Office, approving the charges that were rejected by a judge of guarantees on January 24 of this year.

The ruling of the First Court, on  Tuesday, June 11,  annuls the decision of the judge of guarantees, who decided not to accept the investigation against Narváez, whose Twitter account is @ Edunar54.

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