Attorney General filles criminal complaint against attack deputy.

Attorney General Kenia Porcell

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Panama’s Attorney General Kenia Porcell has filed a criminal complaint against PRD deputy, and vice-president of the National Assembly Zulay Rodríguez, for an alleged crime against honor.

Rodriguez, who has a penchant for attacking high profile figures while addressing the assembly had earlier been accused by the Panama Canal administrator of sheltering behind her parliamentary immunity

Porcell went personally to the Court on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, to file the complaint. She was accompanied by  Rolando Rodríguez and David Díaz, secretary and deputy secretary-general of the Attorney General's Office. At the time, the court was packed with journalists who had attended a citizen protest against corruption.

Rodriguez is a critic of Porcell's management. The deputy said, for example, reports La Prensa that the prosecutor did not want to investigate the actions of the government of Juan Carlos Varela (2014-2019), as part of the file for the bribes that Odebrecht paid in Panama. The investigation is paralyzed and the Second Superior Court of Justice denied extending the extension to investigate, as requested by the attorney and the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

On Tuesday, Porcell defended the impartiality of the investigations. "Prosecutors have done their job in a consistent manner," she said.

Her complaint is accompanied by "evidence that requires a crime against honor." said Porcell.





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George Klk

Panama | A Panama Citizen by Birth... I thought, boy would I like to retire in Panama! I heard horror stories of corrupt justice and swindles and... I heard former president Ricardo Martinelli is now on the loose. Oh my God! and now...the National Assembly...the rotten organ is back! I can't...I can't I tell ya...I can't go back...I won't...not for Corizo or anybody else! I'll die here in the United States where I know I can get my next meal, for sure. By God, I will never go back to...PANAMA!!!

10 months ago
George Klk

Panama | A.G. Kenia Porcell: Last Bastion For Law and Order...Attack Deputy! The demonic hordes of henchmen rear their ugly heads in mockery. Attorney General is attacked to dispose her position and career. General Comptroller is spared having only a few months left. The henchmen gang is now ready for their next big break...another heist. The biggest Panama state fund lottery ticket on record is coming to town! Brought to you by...your trusted freely elected National Assembly deputies. More ham on the way...step this way ladies and gentlemen for your fair share. Brought to you by your taxes and dollars...we know how to take care of you. Panama president Cortizo will take care of corruption as he promised with...Unity. Knowing how you may run to the supermarket to bare shelves he provided... $39 million to the farmers to produce their milk, cheese and corn so you won't starve... how's that for a president, heh? how's that for democracy? Don't worry, we want to keep you around. Panamanians are goood tax payers!

10 months ago
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