As justice staggers President  gearing-up to nominate new magistrates

President Cortizo

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As Panama’s fractured  judicial system is  viewed  with increasing  concern by international  bodies and the country tries to slide from under the gray-list blanket President Laurentino Cortizo says he  is meeting with   the State Pact for Justice to make the designations to replace three  Supreme Court judges one of whose term has already expired and two are due to finish their ten-year terms in December.

He was attending an International Youth Day celebration at the Technological University of Panama (UTP) on Monday, August 12.

Cortizo also referred to the creation of the Youth Institute and the future installation of the School of

Excellence in the City of Knowledge which will start with a pilot school of 100 to 150 students, which aims to prepare them for the entrance exams to universities worldwide.

The Monday event activity had space where young participants from different schools, made requests to President Cortizo, concerning particularly in health, safety, and education.

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