"Julia" brings widespread flooding to Chiriqui

1,659Views 0Comments Posted 09/10/2022


Members of the Joint Task Force moved to different points in the province of Chiriquí, due to the flooding of rivers and the overflow of streams in points such as Tierras Altas, Renacimiento, Boquete, and the east of Chiriquí.

Heavy rains have increased in recent hours accompanied by gusts of wind, as a result of the passage of Hurricane Julia toward other Central American countries.

In the Tierras Altas sector the overflow of the Las Cumbres ravine is reported, causing floods, while in the Bambito sector, Mayor Javier Pitti, along with his team and the National Police are evacuating families in the sector to an educational establishment for fear of a repetition of what happened in 2020 with the hurricane ETA and IOTA.

In the Paso Ancho sector, the overflow of the Chiriquí Viejo river affected a section of the main street leading to the Las Florentina's sector.

In Renacimiento, trees have fallen near the bridge over the Brusca River in Montelirio.

In the east of Chirica, there is an overflow of an arm of the Fonseca River at the height of Paso Ganado in San Lorenzo.

In the district of Boquete, authorities have reported the flooding of the Caldera River and streams such as El Pianista, Zumbona, Cascada San Ramón, among others.