American jailed  in  pedophilia/rape probe

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An American  in his early forties  is in preventive detention in Boquete charged with rape, aggravated libidinous acts and corruption of minors,

He had   been arrested by agents of the National Police, in conjunction with the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP) of Boquete, for alleged links to  child pornography, pedophilia, and possession of illicit  substances He was captured inside a hostel in Palmira de Boquete Chiriqui, after a six-months  intelligence operation  following denunciations made to the authorities.

They confiscated computers, USB sticks, CDs and other electronic devices.

On Monday, April 8 a judge of guarantees ordered the American’s provisional detention for six months while investigations continue.  Prosecutor Gissele Acosta, said that he had approached minors when they left school.


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Is this that Ponchalos guy?

1 month ago

It would be appropriate to indicated the suspect’s name with a photograph; mainly for others who have been assaulted to come forward who may not be aware of his capture.

Last month
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