78 women prisoners get release to ease virus threat

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Panama’s Ministry of Government (Mingob)  has made public a list of 78 women  in state prisons  whose sentences will be  reduced  and who will ll be released  in the coming days  as part of the COVID-19   program

Their release is in accordance the Constitution that allows the President to decree pardons for political crimes, and reduction of sentence and to grant conditional freedom for common crimes he Ministry of Government said the list included as those who suffer from chronic diseases, who are 60 years of age or older or pregnant, who have complied with the requirements of good conduct. , readjustment. prison regulations and completed two-thirds of the sentence.

It is one of the measures that the Penitentiary System is adopting to minimize the risks of COVID19 transmission in prisons to safeguard the life and health of the prison population.

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Oh ya

Do the crime .do the time .

1 month ago
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