7-day high-tide and flood risk alert

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Panama’s  National Emergency Operations Center, has issued  a  seven-day  high tide  from 1:22 am on Sunday, November 24, until 6:40 pm on Saturday, Tides on the Pacific coast  which will reach 17.6 feet high (5.36 m).

Carlos Rumbo, director of the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), on Friday, November 22. urged the coastal population to take the relevant prevention measures, since if the high tide coincides with the rains, the levels of rivers and streams could increase and produce floods.

Keep an eye on children, older adults and people with disabilities.

In case of flood, keep calm and call emergency entities.

If there is a risk of flooding, lower the lever of the electrical panel of your home and evacuate immediately to high and safe areas.

Light boats should use navigation equipment and personal flotation devices (life jackets)

 Swimmers are advised to use caution when entering the sea.

Keep the Emergency line numbers handy: 9111 / 520-4429 or 520-4426.

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