61 foreigners detained in sex club raids

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A nighttime blitz on sex clubs and bars in Calidonia and Panama West led to the detention of 61 foreigners on Saturday, January 2. The raids followed an intelligence-gathering operation by the National Migration System. The foreigners were of different nationalities and were held in nightclubs that were engaged in the sex trade without proper permits.

Of the detainees, 49 were women and 12 men. 23 are of Venezuelan nationality, 13 Colombians, 11 Dominicans, 6 Nicaraguans and 8 from other countries.

The foreigners were placed in shelters of the National Immigration Service, for not carrying the proper migration permits

The nightclubs were fined for engaging in activities that are not indicated in their business licenses

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Richard Charron

Isn't prostitution legal in Panama?

5 months ago

"... engaged in the sex trade without proper permits." So engaging in sex trade is okay if they have the "proper permits?" Bizarre!

5 months ago
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