$500 - $1,000 tickets for sidewalk parkers

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Drivers parking on sidewalks, islets, plazas and other public spots in Panama’s capital city will face fines of $500 -$1000   from   Monday, August 19 says  a decree  published in the Official Gazette, which "modifies sanctions and fines imposed in the Municipality of Panama."

 People who park on sidewalks, islets, road verges, plazas, or any public space in the Municipality of Panama, will be sanctioned with $500 The fine will be $1000 if people park their vehicles on the sidewalk of  bus stops, , passenger stations or adjacent areas destined for Metrobus service

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I feel that it is all lip service and like every other law in Panama it's all B.S.All this will do is spend the public coffers and in the end DISMISSED!!!!

6 months ago
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