3 dead, 11 injured in highway incidents

A triple vehicle crash in Chiriqui

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Three people lost their lives and 11 were injured in traffic  incidents on Saturday, November 30

Isabel Del Carmen Payán de Lawson, 52, was killed in a triple collision in Tierras Altas, Chiriquí, at 5 a.m.

Police sources that the car driven by the victim slammed into the back of another vehicle and crossed the road into the path of an ongoing truck that was overturned.

Nine people were in injured in the incident.

According to National Police, there have been 43 deaths from road accidents,  in Chiriqui so far this year, 18 fewer victims compared to the same date in 2018.

Nurse killed 
A nurse  on her way to work on the morning shift at  the Manuel Amador  Hospital in Colon  died and two others were injured when their taxi was hit by a tour bus

The day’s carnage ended at 11 p.m. with the death of a pedestrian hit by a delivery truck on the Transistmica highway in Panama

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