3 arrests follow touriat yachtsman murder

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Three suspects  in the killing of Alan Cumberwell, 60 have been arrested.

They are in the custody of the National Frontier Service (Senafront) and staff of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The homicide took place  on the tourists' yacht, in San Ignacio de Tupile. At 2:00 am, people with hoods boarded  and attacked the victim, who was with his family

The director of the Senafront, Eric Estrada, said  that investigations are underway done to find other possible people involved in the event.

He said that the family of the dead man , have been served by psychologists from the Public Ministry and social workers.

The criminals managed to take the motor of the Acua Lobo yacht and other belongings.

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If you are a foreigner you are always a target! It's easy to forget that. Panama is not a place to moor your yacht or sailboat, just keep on moving towards the virgin Islands!!

1 month ago
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