Wild Bill serial  killer thanks God  for Panama’s beautiful people

Wild Bill Holbert

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American serial killer William Dathan “Wild Bill” Holbert, serving a 47-year jail sentence in Chiriqui for the  brutal  murder  between 2008  and 2010 of 5  of his fellow countryfolk including  a 16-year-old boy  in Bocas del Toro has reacted to an article in Panama’s El Siglo “Wild Bill, between the anger and contempt for human life.”recapping the crimes that reverberated around the world.

 On August 11, 2019, the 47-year- sent a letter from the prison to the director of El Siglo.

“I want to take this opportunity to make things clear. Never in my life have I hurt any Panamanian. My crimes were completely related to foreigners, thugs and fugitives residing in the Republic of Panama.

“Make no mistake, I am a Christian. I found Jesus and Jehovah here in jail. I follow Jesus Christ, there is no God but Jehovah. I thank God for the Republic of Panama and its beautiful people”

US citizen Laura Michelle Reese, an ex-wife of Holbert, was sentenced to 26 years and 4 months in prison.

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The mention of Laura Reese as an afterthought in this article, is exactly how she was presented at the trial. It was a trial of Holbert, with Reese dragged along behind as an afterthought. There was never any evidence, testimony, or witness presented against her. Instead, there was only a statement made by one of the judges that he believed she "had to have known" what Holbert had done. The sentence, if convicted of 'accomplice', as charged, was 7 years, which was less time than what Reese had been held before the trial. Nobody has ever complained or contested to Holbert's sentencing but the treatment of Reese has never included anything just. Her sentence has been on appeal for over 2 years (maybe 3) now, ignored by the court, heard by no one. It stinks of a cover up for the incompetent investigation and prosecution of this woman.

30 days ago

Someone like this should not be able to communicate with folks outside of the prison who is not on an approved list. No communication should be the rule Panama. Keep him isolated. Keep him quiet. No sympathy for this man.

1 month ago
Ancon Harpy

Laura Reese’s sentence was too harsh. He had her under control and she may have been terrified of him. Don’t know enough about the cases to say she may not have been present at the killings. What is true is that she would not be in the slammer now had she never got mixed up with him.

1 month ago

Sociopaths generally fall back to state they found God as an avenue to gain sympathy. Likely, he next statement out of his mouth will be along the lines that he is a good person. Seen this behavior and heard these types of statements many times... basically, he’s just an evil person.

1 month ago
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