MEDIAWATCH: Reading  a curriculum is not enough

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I would like to say that the election of new deputies would make things better in a state agency that par excellence is the one that has the most contact with the population. But no, again we have chosen, with some exceptions, another gang that showed it’s the same face from day one of the mandate. This without counting the unfortunate fact that the re-elected lead the Assembly ship to its own cliff writes Rolando Rodriguez in La Prensa

What happened earlier this week in the Credentials Committee is the synthesis of cretinism. It is assumed that the credentials of the officials designated by the Executive and ratified by the deputies are examined there. But neither the Commission nor the full entered into those "minutiae", because, according to their scholarly criteria, those appointed should be in their positions and not answering foolish questions. But what about your credentials? Is it enough to read your resume?

Catín Vásquez has an impressive career: studies and executions that do not admit discussion. So why did the Panama Canal take months to choosehim? Vasquez had to undergo exams conducted by a company hired by the Canal while his life was thoroughly scrutinized to see his moral and professional solvency. So why not do it with those who will occupy high government positions? Is it that we are second-class citizens who do not deserve to have the best, but those that the clique wants only because it does?

Some deputies said that it was enough to read their curriculum. How about this to be the hypothetical manager of the National Bank? Former Chairman of the Nasdaq Board of Directors; one of the most respected Wall Street investors; His company has the most exclusive clientele in the United States and manages investments of billions of dollars. Who would doubt his ability before such executors? Well, the name of this person is Bernard Madoff. He is imprisoned in the United States after stealing more than $20 billion from his clients, with losses totaling $ 65 billion. I insist: is it enough to just read a resume?

And there is another one. We all believed that a rich entrepreneur would not steal, but quite the opposite. We chose one  and it is the most embarrassing chapter in our history. The vast majority of us were wrong with him and that is why it is worth scrutinizing, asking, examining. Where is the opposition? At least that was what the PRD intended to be in that same commission when it questioned those appointed by Juan Carlos Varela for the Supreme Court.

But now laissez faire is shameful. And the justifications, worse. Their lack of criteria, ignorance of their duties and lack of interest in public affairs clearly indicate that, as voters, we lack street smarts.


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