Explaining “Justice” for Panama  Big Shots

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Under the heading “Soicy Saturday”  in Rolando Rodriguez revealed on Saturday. October 24, the confessions of the Odebrecht official who approved multi-million dollars of bribes paid to high rollers of Panama who could face conviction in the United States and under Panama “justice” walk free on home soil.

Rodriguez writes:

Confessions of the Odebrecht business leader for Latin America, Luiz Antonio Mameri, known in 2017:

“In 2009, my subordinate André Campo, DS [Superintendent Director] of Panama, informed me that he would make a contribution of $400,000 with unaccounted for resources [Department of Structured Operations or Box 2] for the campaign of the then-presidential candidate Ricardo Martinelli. I authorized the payments ”.

“Later, during the government of Ricardo Martinelli, I was informed by André Campos [Rabello], DS of Panama, that he had been wanted by the sons of the then president, offering facilities, together with the Government of the country, and they agreed on a remuneration for the action in favor of the interests of the company. They would support the conquest of new projects, streamlining bureaucratic procedures and releasing invoice payments. Based on this, André Campos made payments of approximately $35 million, authorized by me, but it was not specified in which projects the sons of President Martinelli actually acted ”. The evidence, Mameri added, is ‘the records of payments made.’

“In the first semester of 2010, I was contacted by my subordinate, André Campos, DS of Panama, informing that he had agreed with the Minister of the Presidency, Demetrio Papadimitriu, that the company would make undue payments to him through his father. I authorized the payments, which total approximately $4 million. "

“In mid-2010, I was informed by my subordinate, André Rabello, that he had participated in meetings with the then-president Ricardo Martinelli, João Santana and Mónica Moura and, on the occasion, they agreed that, depending on the performance of the company In the country, the company would be responsible for part of the cost of the electoral campaign of Ricardo Martinelli's candidate for the country's Presidency, worth about $10 million. I authorized the payments ”.

Mameri was the one who approved bribes. Similar facts have been confessed by Odebrecht operators, such as Luiz Eduardo Soares, Fernando Migliaccio and Rodrigo Tacla Durán.

In Panama, the investigation ended last week. At the same time, another investigation is underway in the United States. Odebrecht has already pleaded guilty to paying bribes. In this process, two sons of former President Martinelli are investigated, who, refugees in that country, seem to have forgotten that the Department of Justice disclosed in 2016 that: “Odebrecht agreed to pay $6 million to two close relatives of a senior Panamanian official in relation to government infrastructure projects, under the understanding that, in return, the official would guarantee the contract for the work to Odebrecht ”.

They tell me that the case in Panama will be manipulated to favor big shots, so I ask if there are convictions in the United States, how will Panama justify that there are no convictions in the largest corruption case in the history of this country? writes Rodriguez

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George Klk

Panama | Corruption Future Profound Effects. Panama former president Martinelli involved his sons for a planned underground operation. Underground operations extends to a league of foreign corrupt officials. Brazil's Odebrecht has connections with extensive underground... financial institutions with built in secrecy codes and specific laws. Secrecy codes and specific laws designed to evade justice and rig a legal system with the aid of...Guatemala's Parlacen. Guatemala's Parlacen buys time for get away heist of... $millions - billions of tax payer's state funds. First cookie jar...PAN / Israeli Pegasus Spy Equipment designed to... evade detection and justice. Second cookie jar... Panama National Assembly unaccountable accounting practices... designed to evade detection and justice. Panama president's pact with select... a. Supreme Court Justices b. Police department select police chiefs...politically paid...bonuses. c. Control of banks and financial institutions. d. Control of Panama unrevised...Constitution. e. Control of Panama legal system with a legal practice for... elite impunity - delay of court proceedings runs rampant. f. Panama Constitution allows a former president to run for another term after a number of years... national security risk with unaccounted state funds connected with a Martinelli family operation extends to investigation with the United States. No Constitutional Reforms for the security of Panama. g. Control of the news media by a former Panama president... Martinelli and family operation with an underground battery of lawyers. h. Control of businesses and investments effecting the credibility of Panama's financial outlook. Facts of the matter... As Panama gets more embroiled in the legal complications from... Martinelli's family and lawyers, the under ground operations develop a network of continuous bribery of monies and continuous connections based on a Pegasus Spy equipment while the political elite culprits ply their trade with no margin of error based on the impunity for life using the Panama state funds...potential international [$BILLIONS$]. As Martinelli and his den of thieves continues to evade the... Panama's laws legal system, the more... Martinelli escapes with loyal followers as invincible and victorious. Martinelli could do no wrong even in the face of... murder and Panama's state fund corruptions connecting to all... global financial activities which must be internationally tracked for global financial accountability. Panama former president Martinelli who is running for the next election as... president, will have a profound effect on all aspect of the government operation as it transforms into a deeper cavern of a mysterious under ground monetary unaccountable economic state transaction. Benefits the... Martinelli family - Brazil Odebrecht contract, political, economic operation as the government will be conformed to a dictatorial rule of one man. Martinelli is near the goal....Control the Gold...Control the laws!

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