Virus cases surge to 14,609 and 357 deaths

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For the first time since the arrival of COVID_19  in Panama At the close of Wednesday, June 3, new cases exceeded 500  and the death total climbed to 357.

The total of  confirmed infections is 14,609 of which 9,519 (65.2%) have recovered, according to the country's Epidemiological Surveillance System.

Of the 514 new cases found this Wednesday, 43% correspond to clusters identified in Panama City, the Ministry of Health clarified in its daily report.

Meanwhile, it was reported that 4,331 people are in home isolation (590 in hotels), 402 are hospitalized divided into 327 in the ward and 75 in intensive care.

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29 days ago

There is no known cure for stupidity, carelessness and selfish behavior.....however the Virus has one.......for rich and poor people

1 month ago

Remember that we have only been in the new section for 4 days. These cases have nothing to do with the new freedom. The cases reported here were contracted 2-3 weeks ago.

1 month ago

Unfortunately there’s no free lunch in Panama, that is to say if the community doesn’t do their part then this virus will continue to escalate. Seems that the mentality in Panama is one that is dependent on the Government to solve everyone’s problems. Gets sick and they want to simply lay the problem onto the Governments lap via CSS and expect them to solve your problems all the while YOU didn’t do your part to avoid or curve this pandemic. Ignorance and stupidity is the best words I can think of…

1 month ago
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