Patients in ICU lowest since April 2

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The number  of patients  in ICU in Panama at 68 is the lowest since April 2  said the epidemiological report that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) gave on May 21

The highest record of people in the ICU, since the virus came to the country, was Thursday, April 8 with 107.

According to the Minsa report, there are 264 hospitalized in wards and 3,164 people in home isolation and hotels.

Divalá added a new case with respect to Tuesday's report, for a total figure of 68: while New Mexico remained at 64.


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This is why we had the lock down for you idiots out there not understanding some basic national health imperatives . The idea now is you don't unlike Brazil overwhelm the system and end up with bodies waiting in reception.

12 days ago
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