Over 14,000 Covid cases, 352 deaths as quarantine ends

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The number of people who have been infected with  COVI-19 in Panama rose to 14,095 on Tuesday, June 2 with  258 new cases. The number of deaths climbed to 352.

The average rate of new infections  is  250 and with the lifting of quarantine, some health authorities foresee a rise in new cases unless the population abides by the bio-security guidelines.

It is necessary for each of us to put that little grain of sand, we have three tools, stay at home, wash our hands and alcohol gel, and the obligatory use of masks," said Lourdes Moreno, director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health.

On the 85th day of the confirmation of the first coronavirus case in the country, 3,842

people are in home isolation, 598 in hotels, 391 hospitalized, and 77 in intensive care.

Accumulated cases are in the age ranges: 20 to 39 years (6,229), from 40 to 59 years (4,560), and from 60 to 79 years (1,574).

Deaths are concentrated in the age ranges of 40 to 59 years (69), 60 to 79 years (164), and over 80 years of age (87).

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Snake sounds like Bolsonero. How is denialism working out for Brazil,

1 month ago

Life is a trade-off and political hacks who promote otherwise need a lesson in reality. Walter E. Williams said it well with an example of common-sense decision trade-offs: “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in justifying his draconian coronavirus measures, said during a press conference: “This is about saving lives. If everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.” Cuomo knows that many Americans buy into such a seemingly caring statement that would be easily revealed as utter nonsense if one had just a modicum of economic knowledge. If one looked at only the benefits of an action, he would do anything because everything has a benefit. Prudent decision-making requires one to compare benefits to costs. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in 2019 36,120 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes. Virtually all those lives could have been saved with a mandated 5 mph speed limit. Those saved lives are the benefit. Fortunately, when we consider the costs and inconvenience of setting a 5 mph speed limit, we rightly conclude that saving those 36,120 lives isn’t worth it.”

1 month ago

Ignorance is bliss. If you get the virus and lie fighting for breath on a ventilator I hope you will remember you inane remarks, Meanwhile perhaps you couk

1 month ago
Snake Pliskin

Guess they just wanted to omit the fact that nobody between 20-39 has died from the virus. Probably none of these other numbers are real either. This is the biggest hoax in history. Put those numbers up against the seasonal flu. Dont tell me that social distancing or masks have played a role because when this crap first started, nobody knew about it. This stuff has been around longer than you are led to believe. More Fake News

1 month ago
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