Modular hospital will be for ICUs when Figali Center opens

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The  modular hospital Panamá Solidario de Albrook, already in the eye of Public Ministry investigators and still awaiting approval from the Comptroller General is heading for another makeover, this time into an area dedicated 100% to intensive care.

President Cortizo and Health Minister   Francisco Sucre visited the hospital on Tuesday, August 11

It currently has 100 beds, of which 80 are for regular patients and the rest for intensive care.

What is being studied that all the beds in the modular hospital are destined for intensive care and regular patients are transferred to the Figali convention Center in Amador, Sucre said.

“This will provide support to the rest of the hospitals that care for patients with the SARS-CoV-2 virus produced by Covid-19,” he added.

 The  Amador  site was converted  to house four rooms with a total of 160 beds

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