July closes with 65,256  Coronavirus infections,1,441 deaths

Over 3,000 tests are applied each day and a tracing center has been opened.

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1,065  new cases  of  COVID-19 closed off the month of July and 24 new deaths were recorded

The accumulated total of infections is 65,256  of which 39,166 have recovered. there are 1,4d1 accumulated deaths, which translate into a case fatality rate  of 2.2%

There are  24,669 active cases, 22,528 at home and 673 in hotels

 Hospitalized cases total 1,468 ( 1,302 are in the ward and 166 in intensive care).

On  Friday 3,048 tests were applied, for a positivity percentage of 35%.

President of Cortizo and Vice President Gabriel Carrizo formalized the appointment of promoters who will work in the Community Operations and Traceability Centers (COCYTC), located in Coclesito.

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Can anyone accurately verify if this is what happens to “test-positive” people in Panama: are you to remain in quarantine in your home if suitable, if not then in a hotel. (No prophylactics, eg HCQ at this optimal time). You then wait to see if any symptoms develop and if nothing happens after 14 days, you are retested and if negative after 2 tests, you can resume your life but still with restrictions. If your symptoms during those 2 weeks show, still no medication, but wait and see if you start improving or worsen. And if you worsen (can’t breathe) and a hospital bed is available—they put you on maybe oxygen and maybe some aspirin to reduce your fever?? and see how that does. If you progress downward, you’re intubated, sedated, and on ventilator waiting to see if you’re one if the lucky 30-40% who survive. Just when and what is given in the way of medication? Are you attended by a pulmonologist or a GP, or an almost doctor, or a nurse? If you don’t make it, how and who decides cause of death; you don’t die from COVID19, you die from the condition CIVID can create, eg: pneumonia, heart failure, other organ failure (specific), etc. as The conditions created by COVID19. Some doctors accept this distinction and list the cause of death correctly. By so doing, it would be impossible to declare (fatal) motorcycle accident caused by COVID19. See my point? Just interested in what happens from the point of positive test to recovery or death so I know whether to quietly pass at home or go the hospital routine. Any answers? Just as a point of interest, one Latin American country with a low death rate takes the initiative to have HCQ delivered by motorbike to the patient quarantined at home who is at the prime stage of medication working with the greatest success rate—the first days of either positive test or first symptoms appearing. How great that is for the patient and hospital space!

6 months ago

Larry. Not correct. It’s Chuang Zao.

6 months ago

Anoroc. Means to create in Chinese. Spell it backwards. What do you have? Coincidence?

6 months ago
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