Health workers call for tobacco bill veto

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Officials from the Ministry of Health (MINSA) protested on Monday, April 1  against the watering down of a recently approved bill governing provisions related to the content and disclosure of information on tobacco products.

Minsa opposes the changes made to the original proposal and calls on  President Juan Carlos Varela, to veto the document.

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Ramona V Rhoades

Some years ago I was friends with an elderly, very well known jazz pianist. In his time he, as many jazz musicians, were drug addicts. When the Mary Jane and heroin addiction tore up his body, he vowed to kick the habit. He found the MJ not too bad. But when he decided to go cold turkey on the heroin he had a terrible time. It was scary to watch him. But he did it. However, he could NOT kick the nicotine habit. He taught me the chant and we chanted together almost every day for months. Then one day he was at my home and did not go out to the pool to smoke. He had finally quit the nicotine. He said the withdrawal was much harder for cigarettes than for Marijuana or heroin. Unfortunately, it was too late. He sat in the middle of the floor and rocked and cried and screamed while the poison finally worked its way out of his system - or whatever the process is. I was with him in the hospital when he died. The doctor told me his liver was as hard as this - and banged on the desk. So do not let anyone fool you. Nicotine is addictive. I had let go of a heavy Marlboro habit some years before, as I am a stubborn broad and decided I will not let anything or anybody control my life ever again.

Last month
Ancon Harpy

Anybody who needs to smoke cigarettes every day is a drug addict. It s not just a “bad habit”. Its an addiction that kills and should be treated as such. Raise the price to $20 a pack.

Last month
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