Health warning as Sahara sands dust arrives

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The Sahara  sands dust arrived in Panama the on Tuesday, June 23, and even with low concentrations, has brought  some haze and scattered rains,  and a health warning to  allergy sufferers and asthmatics and those with COVID-19 symptoms to exercise caution and maintain the use of masks and lenses and avoid outdoor exposure.

"We could be perceiving this phenomenon for the next 3 or 4 days, despite the fact that its impact is minimal. Having allergies, it is recommended to keep your environment clean and wearing masks prevents the entry of any particles, in addition to this, protective lenses, " said the director of the National Civil Protection System, (Sinaproc)Carlos Rumbo Pérez.

Meteorologist Elicet Yáñez, from ETESA Hydrometeorology, explained that Sahara Dust are large masses generated in Africa that are carried by across the Atlantic and enter the Caribbean Basin.

"The concentrations are quite low, what we have reported is that it has entered and we have had a haze effect which is what many people have seen in the morning," said the meteorologist.


It will be be generating humidity and therefore some downpours predicted Yáñez.


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Any dust irritation will be classified as covid. That should help keep the house arrest going.

11 days ago
Oh ya

One would think the rain would collect the dust and take it to the ground

11 days ago
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